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Katy, TX Commercial Exterior Remodeling

The outside of your commercial property is the first thing people notice. They make a quick, subconscious judgement about the type of person living inside, and it can have quite an impact, like it or not. Commercial exteriors can affect everything from curb appeal to property value to how quickly a commercial property sells, so it’s something you should be keeping in mind and keeping in shape. If you’ve noticed your commercial siding is a bit shabby, its paint is peeling, or the brick is looking a bit battered, reach out to MVI Construction today to get it all taken care of. 

Why Remodel Your Commercial Property’s Exterior?

No matter the scale of your renovation project, it can truly pack a punch. Curb appeal in Katy is a very big deal, especially if you’re thinking of selling your commercial property in the near future. When you have a commercial property that stands out in the right way, its overall value increases. The ROI on an exterior renovation truly cannot be overstated. 

An added perk of exterior remodeling in Katy is seen in lowered energy costs. When your exterior is failing, it impacts the ability to insulate properly and can end up costing you a great deal over time. 

Our Katy, TX Commercial Property Exterior Renovation Services

Our variety of services ensure your commercial property is looking brand new in no time at all. We have a team of experts at the ready to guide you every step of the way; assisting you with any decisions you’re having trouble making. Our top commercial property exterior renovation experts in Katy know exactly what it takes to please a customer. 

You can trust that we’re qualified to take on any project, including: 

  • Siding repair, installation, and replacement 
  • Roof repair, installation, and replacement
  • Brick repair, installation, and replacement 
  • Commercial exterior painting
  • Painting, staining, and repair of fences 
  • Concrete
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Window replacement and installation

Our Process

When you’ve decided on using the best commercial property exterior renovators in Katy, we’ll come out to your commercial property to take a look around. We will discuss what you want, what you need and how that all fits in with your budget in order to draw up the most accurate estimate and proposal. We’ll then have another meeting to discuss the details of the proposal, sign contracts, collect the deposit and create a schedule and timeline of services. The process is painless, convenient, and always keeps you in the loop on what you’re getting. This ensures you’re always happy with your commercial property exterior remodeling.

In addition to this, our team of experts are here to guide you on the best material choices and colors for your exterior, so you can be certain it looks good. With years of expertise, we know how to bring your commercial property back to life.

Contact Us

If a commercial property exterior renovation is your next step, contact MVI Construction today! We’ll answer any questions you may have and schedule a convenient time to come out and meet with you. Let us help boost your curb appeal and property value in one fell swoop!


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