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Exterior Remodeling Contractors in Katy, TX

Exterior Remodeling Contractors

We can see many houses built years ago. However, they still look brand new with a completely different appearance due to exterior house renovations! Have you been thinking about giving your home a new exterior appearance by hiring a professional residential exterior remodeling company? 

When choosing the best option for exterior remodeling contractors in Katy, TX, you have to choose a company that guarantees top-quality materials, services, and the ability to transform your home the way you have always dreamed of. That’s why MVI Construction is the best option in Katy, TX. With many years of experience ensuring the best quality of project development in Katy, TX. 

MVI Construction is the best choice for your exterior house renovations, adapting to your budget and making your dreams come true along with top-quality materials and the highest standards.


Our Exterior Renovation Services

At MVI Construction, we provide the protection and care your home deserves. That’s why for us, quality is a top priority in everything we do. With our team of experts, we can handle any residential exterior remodeling you’re looking for.

We offer the best exterior remodeling services in Katy, TX, such as:

  • Porches
  • Patios
  • Roof repair (Installation and replacement)
  • Home Exterior painting
  • Siding repair (Installation and replacement)
  • Window (Installation and replacement)
  • Concrete

Our Process

We provide the most efficient and safe process for our clients. Contact us, schedule a visit and talk about the ideas and design that fits your needs and budget. After that, we’ll make a second visit to your property with our exterior remodeling proposal, talk about any ideas you may have, and assist you with the best options. Lastly, we would sign a contract and start your dream project. You’ll also be guided by our experienced team on which materials fit your home best.

MVI Construction, The Best Option in Katy, TX

MVI Construction is a reliable company based in Katy, TX. We are committed to bringing the best quality materials, assistance, service, and budget that suits your dream home. Our team of experts is waiting to guide you through your home renovation with the best customer service making this big step an incredible experience! 


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