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3 Tips to Extend Your Roof’s Life

Unfortunately, roofs aren’t made to last forever. To make issues worse, many people miss routine maintenance and repairs, only realizing they have a roof issue when they have a significant expense on their hands.

Although you can’t make your roof covering last a lifetime, you can extend its life with proper repair and maintenance. We have 3 tips for you to help extend your roof’s life.

Tip #1. Make Sure To Be Safe 

Regardless of the material, condition, or even the elevation of the roofing system, it is dangerous and fatal to be on ladders and roofing systems without taking crucial safety and security precautions and measures. Security is the top priority for any type of roofing maintenance or care.

Never get on your roof without correct safety gear, in stormy weather conditions, or if you feel risky, troubled, or unsteady.

Tip #2. Clean Your Gutters

With time, rain, snow, and debris build up in your gutters. The included weight places stress on your roof, which can deteriorate the house’s architectural integrity and create early breakage.

In extreme cases, overflowing gutters might even damage the roof to the point of collapse. Older seamless gutters can also be a haven for mold to expand unnoticed, which can then infect the rest of your roofing system.

  • To avoid roof leaks and also mold, grab a ladder and some gloves to start cleaning your gutters.
  • Next, set up rain gutter guards, like GutterBrush. They’re the first line of protection since they maintain eaves out of your gutters.
  • You can likewise work with specialist gutter-cleaning solutions to ensure your gutters are constantly spotless.

In the meantime, maintain your trees are cut and far from the roofing. Doing so will help keep gutters tidy. This is also a great safety precaution, particularly in areas prone to wildfire threats or hefty snow or ice, resulting in damaged branches or dropping trees that can damage roofing systems.

Tip #3. Check The Roofing Supports

Ultimately, make sure to keep your roofing system clean constantly. Dirt and debris, combined with wet, trendy weather conditions, can lead to undesirable roof moss and algae. Wood shake and asphalt are especially at risk to rot and displaced shingles that can be difficult to detect, yet can cause significant damage and pricey repairs if left unattended.

MVI Construction The Best Roofing Solution In Katy, TX

MVI Construction is the trusted source for remodeling and roofing maintenance in Katy, TX. If you are looking for a roofing company in Katy, TX, we are your best choice. Our professional team is ready to help you out and solve your roofing needs. 


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