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How Can I Be Sure I Need A New Roof?

The truth is, you can never be absolutely certain that you need a new roof, unless you have a major leak or the roof has been burned through or something equally as catastrophic has happened. However, chances are that if you’re reading this, that has not happened to you. So, let’s talk about some less dramatic indicators of needing a new roof (or not needing one!).

Why Replace Your Roof?

You probably have a reason for thinking you may need to get a new roof. If it’s rotting and leaky, then yeah, you probably do need one. If it’s something more minor like aesthetics or some chipped shingles, then you may want to dig deeper and consider the pros and cons of replacing it vs. not replacing it. Oftentimes, roofs get replaced because it is more dangerous to keep repairing it then replace it or the homeowner has a reason to replace it, such as selling the home or wanting to add solar panels or skylights.

Does Storm Damage Mean A New Roof?

Harsh weather can result in many roofing problems for homeowners. You may have incurred puncture holes from hail or maybe an entire tree is currently resting on top of the roof. Fortunately, this doesn’t absolutely mean the roof must be replaced! You may have come out fairly unscathed and only require some shingle replacements or patches. You’ll only be sure once a professional like MVI Construction pays a visit, but don’t feel all hope is lost until then. 

If a storm has resulted in a roof emergency, we can assist you in making temporary fixes to ensure your home/belongings don’t incur further damage. We will make sure you’re taken care of until we can fix the problem completely. 

What If I Have A Really Old Roof? 

Aging roofs have to be replaced, oftentimes. It’s truly a fact of homeownership. Years of storms and normal wear and tear take a toll, and will result in the need for a full replacement eventually. Don’t worry though, MVI has got you taken care of.  

What If I Think My Roof Is Ugly? 

Typically, this feeling comes up when you’re remodeling your home and realize it’s clashing or just plain unattractive. Swapping your roof can mean a dramatic change and also provide the ability to put in skylights and solar panels if you want to. We’re not here to tell you yes or no, because that’s a purely personal choice, but it could be a great change for your home’s exterior. 

What If I’m Going To Sell?

Surprisingly, a new roof can help you sell your home quicker. It’s one less thing for the buyer to worry about, and people really appreciate that. It’s also possible that a home inspection would show that you need to replace it, so it’s also covering your bases.  

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